Biological Control in Agriculture; educational videos

Published on
February 15, 2019

During the BINGO project we made two short educational videos about biological control, featuring predatory mites.

The first video; ‘The invisible world of mites’, uses close-up film material to present the reality of spidermites that cause severe damage to agricultural crops and of the predatory mites that control them. At the same time it also shows challenges for the biocontrol agent.

The second (animated) film ‘Selective breeding’ is linked to the first film. It gives a concise explanation of selective breeding and how it could be of use for to improve biocontrol and how it could potentially help predatory mites.
These videos were made to for the use of teachers, to introduce the topic of biocontrol and at the same time teach the concept of selective breeding.

Erica Ras Msc.