The BINGO training program provides a comprehensive education to the participating PhDs, in which both up-to-date scientific and complementary skills are developed, being an asset for the future career of the participating ESRs, in both academic and non-academic realms of employment.

The BINGO training program consisted of a combination of research training, local training at the hosts and network-based activities, which included workshops and summer schools jointly organized by the academic and non-academic BINGO participants.

Summer schools

are network-based training sessions for ESRs and will mainly address transferable skills, developments and career issues, with a leading role for private sector participants in BINGO.


are major scientific events, opening BINGO research to other scientists, other related scientific fields and emerging research questions.

BINGO Training Events & Conferences Location Year
BINGO Summer School 1 Bremen, DE 2015
BINGO Summer School 2 Berkel en Rodenrijs, NL 2016
BINGO Summer School 3 Seibersdorf, AT 2017
Symposium: "Breeding Invertabrates for Next Generation Biocontrol" Wageningen, NL 2018
BINGO Workshop 1: BINGO Research Program Valencia, E 2016
BINGO Workshop 2: Insect pest control strategies and methodologies Delémont, CH 2017
BINGO Workshop 3: Next-generation sequencing an experimental evolution in invertebrates Berkel en Rodenrijs, NL 2018
BINGO Workshop 4: Integrating genetics and biological control:from lab to market Wageningen, NL 2018